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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slow living 2012

I am linking up with Christine over at Slow living essentials to set myself some goals for this year. Here are my goals:

1. Declutter - I want to declutter one room in our house and use it as a play room for my son.
2. Make soap-I have been meaning to make soap since last year. I caught the bug after reading Rhonda's post on soap making.
3. Gradually introduce my 2yrs and 8month old son to preschool.
4. Get some crafting done. I have developed an intense liking of crochet and bag making. I must finish the crochet bolero I am working on, for my niece.
5. Make another quilt. I've only done the one and have wanted to do one since. But never created the time.
6. Get used to giving handmade gifts instead of convenient, expensive store bought ones.
7. Make some handmade gifts and give to some of my dear friends. (Charmalie, Wathsala)
8. Increase my saving.
9. Reduce my expenses. I have drastically cutdown on my expenses since last October and am keeping it up.
10. Somehow revive my interest in oil painting and do at least one painting this year.
11. Do some serious gardening.

In my work life:
1. I want towrap up my research on Leishmaniasis and get confirme in my post.
2. I want to find innovative ways of conducting small group discussions for undrgraduates. I think I came up with one suggestion today which was taken up by our staff enthusiastically! It was to give students teaching aids at the class. Our first discusion will be on transmission of helminths and we will give samples of clay soil, sand, etc and talk about helminths (worms) transmitted from such an environ. Also give them a slepper and ask them what type of helminth transmission can be prevented by the simple act of using footwear. etc.

I thought I would also list the things I have achieve in 2011 so that I read them and know that I have achieved quite a bit (and smile :-)

1. I have started to record every expense I make in a book.
2. I have started to follow the envelope method of money management.
3. I have cut down on my credit card buying.
4. Minimised on buying toys on impulse for my son and have started to make things like this:
Diver in a bottle
Shadow makers
Bottletop stamps

5. I am more into do with what you have and go without buying new.
6. I have also reduced my consumption of chicken. Its something I've always wanted to do. I eat more fish now and also make things with veggies and surprisingly find they are great!

That seems about it. Thanks Christine for your inspiration!

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