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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today I am thankful for..

I am linking up with Rachel and trying to cultivate some gratitude for all the things I have...

1. For my family for always being there for me.
2. For new and old friends who are showing me the depth of their love for me in so many heartrending ways...
3. For my son for teaching me so many things about myself and about life ...
4. For Tina, for being such a sweet and loving companion and pet (you'd better stop biting our ankles though Tina)
5. For my son's teacher for being so wise and caring and committed.
6. For weekends spent at the pool with my son while he learns how to swim.
7. For finally being able to have a quick nap in the afternoon after lunch on weekends...
8. The lovely music on my mobile which keeps me company and takes

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Newest addition to our family

My son watching tv with Tina and his toy panther, Bagheera, by his side
My son inspecting Tina. She is asleep on his bed!
Yesterday my good friend Vathsala found me a puppy from the Animal Hospital. I had been looking for a pup for a few months and had sought her help. It took some time but finally she found us just the one that we had been looking for...And it was all worth the wait. She is about 3 weeks. Born to a stray mongrel mother by we suspect, a Labrador father. She does possess labrador features and is very intelligent for one so small. My son loves her and has named her Tina. I don;t know where he found the name from. He occassionally calls her "Agglutina" and I wonder whether it was in one of the cartoons he is watching these days.
 She is so sweet tempered. She allows my son to carry her everywhere. I thought she would not let us sleep the first night away from her mother but no-she was so quiet in the little box with the cushions and soft toys that we put her in. She woke up around 4.30am and whimpered a little and so I kept her on my lap where she fell asleep. Reminded me of old times when we had little pups at home...
I'm so glad I was able to get a pup for my son. I know of so many kids who wish for a pet but their parents are unable to comply for various reasons. I think every child benefits from having a pet, especially a dog. They are so loyal and loving. My son is already very gentle with her (although he does get a bit rough if we show too much interest in Tina) and I am sure they will be the best of friends. See how happy he looks!!!!
Thank you so much Vathsala! I owe you big time!