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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My dishcloth

Amidst chaos I have managed to "finish" my waffle knit dishcloth for the Down to earth dishcloth swap. Inverted commas, because I want to fancy it up in some way but I have not figured out how.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The dishcloth swap

I am taking part in the dishcloth swap sponsored on Rhonda's blog Down to earth.
I found a simple knit dishcloth on Home spun living and am knitting it in white. I am wondering whether to add a colour in the middle. How to make it into something special? I was wondering about adding a colourful cloth border.
Here is a photo courtesey of Fire Fly Farm
Or maybe not. My computer has slowed down and I seem unable to upload pictures.Anyway it finally appeared. Looks cute. I'm supposed to cast on 38 stitches but in my hurry I have cast 39 and I found this out in my 4th row so I did a 2 together and decided I will keep this for myself if the mistake is glaringly obvious.

Will try and post pictures of my ongoing dishcloth. SO exited to see the end result!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monsoon in March..

I have been unable to blog for some time due to various events that came up in my life. Out of the many the one that stands out is that my husband went into dengu shock while in Colombo and was admitted to Hospital by his friends. I was there with him for almost a week while our son was in Kandy with my mother. Thankfully things are back to normal now.

I made home made bread courtesey of Rhonda's recipe at Down to Earth

I also made a storage box using the tutorial on Positively splendid. As I couldn't find canvas I used rexine and sewed it in place using DMC thread punching the holes using a punch needle.

I took part in the Great Big stitched postcard swap (3) hosted by Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love and got this lovely postcard by Antoinette Vogt

And this is the one I made using punch needle embroidery. It was sent to Melissa of the Frugal Style. The postcards can be seen at this Flickr site

I won my very first giveaway! It was hosted by A foothill home companion and I won a lovely book by Ashely English of small measures called Home dairy. Thank you Melissa and Thank you Ashely! I am looking forward to making home made butter and yoghurt..

Till next time...