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Monday, September 26, 2011

Homemade yoghurt

I made yoghurt at home! I felt so proud of my results! And the way my husband and son ate it and how the jar is now almost empty, after not even 24hours!

I used Rhonda's recipe and followed it to the last t. I didn't have a large bottle so I adjusted the recipe for 1L. I couldn't find a brand of yoghurt without gelatine in Kandy so I took the starter from a pot of curd I git from the market. This is very thick and rich and contains buffalo milk.

My buffalo curd starter(it comes in a clay pot)

My yoghurt "monster" lying in the sun...

And finally my thick creamy and oh so lovely homemade yoghurt :-)

I suggested we all (husband and son) try it for breakfast and we did and now I am with an empty jar! My husband and son ate it with some jaggery as it was still not sweet enough for them. I added 3tbsp of sugar but think will need to make it about 5 next time as we have a sweet tooth in our family.

Thank you Rhonda!