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Monday, August 15, 2011

On my mind..

Joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth for an On my Mind post.

On my mind today are- MONKEYS!!!

The monkey menace in my area (Kandy, Sri Lanka) used to destroy all that sprouted in our garden and played with our clean laundry hanging out in the sun. They leave our water taps open, till the over-head tank runs dry; creep into our house to steal whatever is within sight. We've had over twenty years of this man-monkey battle. We have tried everything from spraying water at them from a hose pipe to lighting crackers to scare them off-with little success.

Now, finally our neighbours have tried and tested wearing a dark gown over their heads with a devil mask over their faces and jumping up and down, making a huge racket, and it has managed to keep them at bay for about two months.

My mother (who is adopting this method at the moment) consented to being photographed in her black under-skirt and pumpkin mask- her "Monkey chaser" attire!
Here's to hoping they will keep away for a long time..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crafting in July

Hi, These are some of the things I have been doing in the past month. I made a pyramid play tent for my son using thrifted material (curtains actually) and conduit pipes. It was with great difficulty that I made i because at first in my hurry to get it finished, I paid scant attention to dimensions and it turned out lopsided and awful. SO after giving myself an interval to get over the disappointment I tried again and this is how it ame out. The top part is still not perfect and I need to neaten the edges, butu it does function and my son enjoys being inside. The top was actually difficult to design as I only had elbows and Ts available and so it came out so.

I bought my first piece of furniture. I am at the moment using it as my kitchen table, fr cutting and chopping stuff, but when someday we do hjave a house of our own I plan to use it as my very own writing table. So as not to spoil its surface I covered it with a pretty green (my fav colour) oil cloth.

Then above is an old painting of mine that I had done like stained glass. I found it recently and gave ita facelift. The frame is constructed from an old storage box and frame was made from colour A4 paper. Cost me about Rs. 8.00 for the whole thing and took no more than 15mins to finish. I think it looks lovely, although I do say so myself. I keep gazing at it and loving the colours..Must make some more for our living room. Its dull at the moment as it is.

Then, last but not least, my reason for this blog post, I made floor pillow mattress. I discovered this t Ucreate. It was made by Kendra of Southern Disposition.

As soon as I saw it I jst knew I needed to make one. And so I did. last night. And my son loves it, as you can see in the picture. I bought thrifted material (again) and made it in nder one hour. I think Kendra's blog is great and am following her. I like the fct that she is also a working mom , but somehow manages to make lovely things for her child. Thanks Kendra, for the great inspiration. The best projects are the easiest ones to do-somtimes :-)

That's all I have done thins month except, I am doing a lot of cooking these days. I made home made pizza which was devoured by my husband and son (Courtsey of Down to Earth blog) and so many other stuff too.

Hope to post things I'v made in August sometime. Till then, Tata!