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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The dishcloth swap

I am taking part in the dishcloth swap sponsored on Rhonda's blog Down to earth.
I found a simple knit dishcloth on Home spun living and am knitting it in white. I am wondering whether to add a colour in the middle. How to make it into something special? I was wondering about adding a colourful cloth border.
Here is a photo courtesey of Fire Fly Farm
Or maybe not. My computer has slowed down and I seem unable to upload pictures.Anyway it finally appeared. Looks cute. I'm supposed to cast on 38 stitches but in my hurry I have cast 39 and I found this out in my 4th row so I did a 2 together and decided I will keep this for myself if the mistake is glaringly obvious.

Will try and post pictures of my ongoing dishcloth. SO exited to see the end result!

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