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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A goody bag for little Neeni

Last week, my good friend Dr.Rumala, gifted me her two chilren's Lego set. It is a huge set and is being enjoyed by my son now (who is 2years and 8months ). I was so overcome by gratitude. It would have cost the earth if I had bought it. And it keeps my naughty son occupied and out of michief, even for a short time.  I told him it belonged to Nirmitha ayya and Neeni akka and they had given it to him and that they expected him to look after the peices and not throw them about and lose them. He has taken this to heart! After play, he meticulously picks each piece up and puts it into the big plastic container I gave him. I am so happy about this! Thank yo Dr.Ru, Nirmtha and Neeni!!!

As a way of showing my gratitude I made 6 year old Neeni a goody bag. I sewed a simple drawstring bag and filled it with:
1. hand crafted bottle top rubber stamps stored in a wooden box and a stamp pad.
2. A Hello kitty box with two hair clips

The bag:
 I hope she likes it!

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