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Friday, January 20, 2012

I am thankful..

I am thankful ,

for the way my son's face lights up when he sees I have come home from "campus".

for my parents for so many things I cannot begin to mention.

for Chuty , my sis, for always supporting me.

for my brother for caring.

for Puwa, for being so peaceful to share a room with.

for Lilly, for never letting us down.

for always having a safe place to retreat to, whatever harsh way, life may have treated me.

for having the strength in me to just carry on inspite of everything.


  1. I'm interested in following your blog as I am half SL (half English) living in Scotland with my family.

    I haven't lived in SL but have had lovely holidays as a child and in 2005 we were able to bring the children to a family wedding. We went on a trip and visited Kandy, the monkeys were quite frightening!

    I love sewing and cooking so I think we have plenty in common!

    Looking forward to reading more of your crafting adventures!


    1. Dear Helen,
      So happy to have you here! Only thing is wish I had more time to blog. Anyway, will try to get in as much as I can. Would love to read yours if you have one. We have a lot of conact with monkeys in Kandy!!!
      I have just sent off an email to you. ave me qite a shock to see I had another follower!!!
      Take care,

    2. Dhilma, I didn't get an email from you yet to my inbox. I don't have a blog but really enjoy reading other peoples :)

      I've made naan bread today and am just about to cook it. Also having dhal SL way, potato chilli and tuna curry.

      Girls are ploughing their way through the juggary Dad brought up last time he was with us before christmas.


    3. Wow Helen, You seem to be giving your children a culinery experience from Sr Lanka! That's great! My mom isa great cook, both local and other and I have learnt a lot from her. Do you like polos? (Tender Jak fruit)Its out of this world if you cook it on a woo stove overnight. Also, if you love sri lankan food you must have an Anita Dickman with you. It has great recipes. Anyways, incase you need to contat me my email is:
      so lovely to have you here!