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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hand crafted cards

I have been silent for a long time. But it wasn't because I was not engaged in any creative pursuits-quite the reverse infact. But the task of uploading images and writing about them seemed too much for me. I  have also been busy with personal matters as well as work related issues (I am writing up my thesis for my MPhil, which for me is a very very very boring task.....!)
But amidst my writing my thesis, I take breaks of ten minutes (which sometimes stretch to twenty....or more...) and during these much anticipated breaks, I got this bright idea of making some handcrafted cards. Now, I am not new to this card making business because if ever there is a need for a farewell card invitation or a sympathy card, my friends in the department run to me (and I very gladly comply, because it allows me to do something which I love, during work hours)

 This is a sympathy card which was made when a staff member in one of the neighbouring departments lost his mother. The tree and leaves are cut out of colour A4 paper and pasted on white A4 board which is available at book stores for Rs.10.00

This is the first card I made during my "Thesis breaks" last week. Its a simple palm leaf cut out. I used a craft knife, the type with a small blade, to cut these out. It looks a bit bare so I thought of getting some rubber stamps made with maybe "Happy birthday" "With sympathies" and "Thank you" etc and stamping with black ink.

This is a picture of the cards my son and I made for his teacher;s birthday last year. He made the blue flower card and I the lolly card. The box contains the cake my mother made for her which I iced.
This is the cake for my son's teacher's birthday:
I am deviating from the topic but since I may not have many posts I will also include the crochet shawl I made for Teacher, as we all lovingly call her:
And last of all, the best hand crafted card so far, for my nieces' 6th birthday:
I get such pleasure, just gazing at it from time to time....I showed these to my good freind, Faseeha and she tells me to make a few samples and she will take me to Arpico, a supermarket nearby, and we will talk to the manager about having these in their shop! I thought about it and said, maybe it is a good idea, as long as they do not pressure me to supply a certain amount and give me deadlines etc.
I am so happy about finding an outlet for my creative urges again (the rug making has seen its last days...)At the begining of the year I made a new year resolution to take up my oil painting again (after more than a decade!) and I went out and bought canvas, paint, turpentine and the lot. I even found something to paint and even did some initial washes...But since then, I have not touched it...I fear its that I miss the day light-my son will not allow me to do my painting when he is up and I was forced to stay up late and paint with a high watt bulb-and it wasn't very satisfying...I remember longingly, the years before marriage and kids where I used to just plonk all my painting stuff on our balcony floor and just paint away... Oh well...maybe such days will dawn again..
I appreciate too, that it is my crafts which have kept me sane throughout these years...
I will end on this lovely quote I came across:
"Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason."

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