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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some things from the past...

I uploaded some pictures of some of my past endeavours a long time ago but failed to publish the post.So here they are:

These are goody bags I made from scratch for my son's first birthday. I printed out the animals on different coloured photocopy paper and cut out segments and pasted to make a final colourful picture. For example I cut out the duckies beak and wing and pasted on the orange duckie printout.

This is the knitted elephant that I again made for myson. It took a lot of concentrated knitting to do this. But the final product was well worth it. Its from this site

This is the cake I decorated for my niece's second birthday.

This is a baby bag I sewed for my son and me. He is wearing a pixie hood knitted by my mother.

A picture of the elephant again. I think he turned out really cute!

And this is a cake I iced for my husban's 30th birthday. It had butter icing and the sides were done with a cashew nut nougat. It was delish.

This is the amigurumi turtle I knit for my son. This is the link.

That's all from the past. I bought a silicone chocolate mould tray (rose mould) yesterday. I want to make candy and chocolate and give as gifts to my friends and relatives. I will post about it soon. I am so exited about this! Have a lovely weekend!

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