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Monday, August 15, 2011

On my mind..

Joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth for an On my Mind post.

On my mind today are- MONKEYS!!!

The monkey menace in my area (Kandy, Sri Lanka) used to destroy all that sprouted in our garden and played with our clean laundry hanging out in the sun. They leave our water taps open, till the over-head tank runs dry; creep into our house to steal whatever is within sight. We've had over twenty years of this man-monkey battle. We have tried everything from spraying water at them from a hose pipe to lighting crackers to scare them off-with little success.

Now, finally our neighbours have tried and tested wearing a dark gown over their heads with a devil mask over their faces and jumping up and down, making a huge racket, and it has managed to keep them at bay for about two months.

My mother (who is adopting this method at the moment) consented to being photographed in her black under-skirt and pumpkin mask- her "Monkey chaser" attire!
Here's to hoping they will keep away for a long time..


  1. Visiting from Rhonda's blog. I just loved the story of your monkeys!!! What a fascinating thing to happen , I just love the idea of monkeys but I guess it would be a little frustrating if they were constantly coming in the house.
    Greetings from Australia.

  2. Hiya, also visiting from Rhonda's blog, what a funny story,thanks for the smile. Not funny that the monkeys get up to so much mischief but very cool the different approach being taken to keep them away :) cute. Regards, Ruth

  3. Love it. I love monkeys too but the mischief would be too much. Popping in from Down to Earth.

  4. You are beating them at their own game! They likely think you are a big monkey and its your territory!

  5. oh, too funny! love your creative monkey adventures!