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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sewing fever

I suffered from a bout of sewng fever the last few weeks and kept making things, one after the other. First of all I finished the party frock for my niece which I made from some cotton mixed silky material. It was a combination of light pink and cream. I told her over the phone that it looks like strawberry and vanilla icecream and she was satisfied. I decorated the skirt border with small roses made from pink, purple and cream baby ribbon and for the sash I attached 3 of the larger roses I had made last week along with some ribbon leaves.

Some close ups:

And then there was this huge wrap around skirt which I recievd as a gift from India from my inlaws. It made me look like a tent and I thought I'd alter it to suit me. I did do a little altering but then another fever overtook me and I started making covers for the following things I own:

My new CD player, some CDs I own and the new phone my hubs got me for my birthday.

I used an old pair of shorts which I cannot get into now to make a dust cover for the CD player. And leftover scraps from the Indian skirt to make covers for the CDs and phone.:

They are not perfect I know but it gave me enormous pleasure to make these last weekend. I really enjoyed my weekend at home with my son and my parents.
Now I am working on the series of 3 panel paintings that I promised for my husband and also a coverlet for my sister's birthday. I will upload pictures of them one day soon. Till then, tata!

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