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Friday, August 6, 2010

New things in my life.

6th August 2010. A Friday
Thank God Its Friday type of Friday.

Haven't written anything since I started the blog. I am still uncertain how this blogging thingummy works too. Anyway going to give it a try.

We started a Tea Club in our workplace and now some staff members from Micro and Parasit meet up regularly to share a cup of tea around 10 am. It is such FUN! Devika Madam, Dr.Ru, Dr. Fasiah, Veranja and Dulmini and myself are the regular tea drinkers who meet up thus. It is nice to get away from the routine work and just chat about anything "unacedemic" once in a while. We have some Hi magazines which I used to buy as a routine during my intern year and we catch up with the latest fashion trends they do, mostly in fashionable Colombo. Some of their ensembles shock us Kandy lamissi's to our very toes :-)

We also want to organize an outing from the club once a month or so but this idea is a bit slow on the uptake. No idea why. What we suggested was we will go on a picnic/outing on a weekday (start around 11.30am and get back to the department around 2pm). Suggested location was somewhere near Udaperadeniya. Each member can bring an item to eat. So if its lunch someone will bring kahabath (yellowrice), someone else will bring chicken curry and so on and so forth till we have a sumptuous feast to eat at the picnic. Dessert could be anything from yoghurt to fruit or we might even be able to pick some mangoes fallen under a tree. But then again we do not want to contract Toxoplasmosis...being from the department of Parasit and all...heheheh...

On another vein, I have taken up a new hobby. I am doing cross stitch now and am totally enthralled by it. I downloaded a free pattern from and am now working on it day and night. Because my one year old son keeps me fully occupied after I go home I start on my project after he goes to bed and that is around 9pm. I stitch till about 11.30pm and then get up around 5 am to have another go at it till he wakes up at six. And I think, I never showed this much enthusiasm and tenacity even when I was studying for my finals!

My son is now just beginning to walk and that really keeps us all on out toes. He can manage to waddle drunkenly from one point to the next but on occasions he gets impatient of his slow progress and tries to hurry which makes him fall down. We are using the ice pack a lot these days.

The second week of our workshop organized by the Medical Education Unit is at the end of August and am now thinking of preparing my micro lecture to present at it. I am very much looking forward to the workshop and have already put to use some of what they taught us.

I will bid good bye now. Au revoir!

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